4x4 from Crocus at Moscow, 2017

4x4 from Crocus, Moscow, 2017, http://ex-roadmedia.ru/4x4/vystavki-i-festivali/otchety-i-reportazhi/5988-fotoreportazh-s-vystavki-moscow-off-road-show-2017

Barreiros Abuelo 4x4

Barreiros Abuelo 4x4, 50's, fitted with Straussler Lypsoïd tires. http://www.pegasoesmicamion.com/MUSEO%20EDUARDO%

20BARREIROS%20FOTOS/MUSEO%20EDUARDO%20BARREIROS.htm, http://www.loscacharritos.com/2016/06/18/visita-al-museo-eduardo-barreiros/asociacion_de_coches_clasicos_los_cacharritos_visita_


Fiat SPA TL40 and SPA TL37

FIAT SPA TL40 and SPA TL37 (1938-1948) on a trailer in Sicilia towards the MM Park, La Wantzeneau, Alsace, 2017. Pict from MM Park.

Mercedes Intrac

Mercedes Intrac used in forestry. Pict J M M at St Vincent, Hte Loire, 2017 07 15.

Saviem TP3 TRM1200, 1980

Saviem TP3 TRM1200, 1980. Pict J M M, St Vincent, Hte Loire, 7-2017

Unimog 406

Unimog 406, 1963-1989. J M M, St Vincent, Hte Loire, 2017 07 15.

Valor 4x4 Motriss 4

Valor 4x4 Motriss 4 prototype, in the 60s. It was presented at Montpellier. Valor succeeded to Micromax of the 40s. Valor tractors, 2WD, were built at Bourg-en-Bresse between 1963 and 1972. The plant manufactured parts of mechanics (100 employees), and the tractors were assembled by 5 persons, whom Paul Pochon. 3000 tractors were built. http://vieilles-soupapes.grafbb.com/t13183-valor-l-apres-micromax

Valor straddle tractor

Valor straddle tractor 4x4 at SIMA (International Fair of Agricultural Machinery), Paris, 1969. Track was variable. http://vieilles-soupapes.grafbb.com/t13183-valor-l-apres-micromax