CS VP4 8x8 Norinco

CS-VP4 8x8 Norinco from China, http://www.army-guide.com/eng/product5723.html

8x8 Vehicle

8x8 vehicle. Burkhard Broser, from Hessia, sent to the author this picture at Milan fair of a German magazine of 1936. He said that on the side of the bodywork, he read  : "S.A. La" but the rest was not possible to read. The author answered that it could be a "S.A. La Motomeccanica" vehicle of Milan which manufactured tractors. Who knows more ? Was this vehicle the ancestor of 6x6 and 8x8 amphibious vehicles  of  the 60s like Argocat ?

Poncin 8x8 of the 80s

Poncin 8x8 of the 70-80s. This picture of a Poncin seen in Belgium and sent to the author by Burkhard Broser, was equipped with a personnel transport cab for skiers. It could be also equipped with tracks. Poncin was at Charleville, and Sedan at the end in 1991.