Mertz M22 613E Vibrator

Mertz M22/613E Vibrator, Oklahoma. Mertz was purchased in 1999 by Sercel (St Gaudens, Nantes) of CGG Compagnie Générale de Géophysique, Massy. CGG was created in 1931 by Conrad Schlumberger but Schlumberger Limited, created by Marcel Schlumberger, his brother, is a multinational oil services and equipment company, a priori not related to CGG.

XM 520 Goer Prototype

XM-520 Goer prototype from the (former) Goodyear Tire Co. Archives. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273982692144

Northfield F7, 1960

Northfield F7, 1960, Payload 12 tons. https://www.constructionequipmentguide.com/the-history-of-articulated-dump-trucks/30826

Goer in Mud

Goer in mud. Routine supplies were sent to South Vietnam by sea and transported by truck. The monsoon rains turned the tracks into bastards, greatly hampering the progression of traditional 6x6s. The 'Goer' of pre-production (19 vehicles), 4x4 articulated with huge wheels and good ground clearance were sent to Vietnam and could cross briers of 1.20 m deep or the sands of the coast. In 18 months, it transported 8900 tons of material and 6 400 000 liters of fuel. In 1971, Caterpillar received an order for 812 M520 plus crane trucks and tankers and was delivered in the summer of 1976. The M520 was able to carry 8260 kg on all terrain and was fully amphibious, 213 hp, 48.3 km / h, slope 60%, lateral slope 30%. Their availability rate was 87%, noteworthy.
Nevertheless, the vehicle's lack of suspension made it too bouncy on hardened surfaces, restricting its speed. The oscillating cab was also dangerous when entering the vehicle with the engine on. Also its oversize dimensions were generally too large, so in the 1980s, it was replaced by the Oshkosh Heavy Duty Mobility Tactical Truck series, which combined good on-road behavior with adequate off-road performance. Goers were demilitarized and core components destroyed before being sold, so very few Goers remain today. https://www.fichier-pdf.fr/2017/01/05/eda110/eda110.pdf

Goer from Arms EncyclopediaGoer from : Arms Encyclopedia (6.65 Mo)

Timberking TK350 Feller Buncher

Timberking TK350 feller bencher, 2004.